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Remote Viewing training – Australia

RVU - remote viewing training

Welcome to the RVU Remote Viewing Unit website

According to the United States Department of Defence “Remote Viewing is the learned ability to transcend time and space to obtain information on people, places and things, remote in space-time and to gather and report intelligence information on the same.” Their statement did not specify that the information is obtained by the human mind alone, using structured methods based on scientific research.

Coordinate Remote Viewing is often confused with Astral Projection or Out of Body Experiences, but they are not the same! Remote Viewers have trained the mind to obtain information from anywhere in space and time through application of a specific method and structure. We are not going to sleep or in deep meditation during a Remote Viewing session. You will be conscious, but in a flow, much like a person driving a car or playing the piano.


The Remote Viewing Unit Australia was founded in 2008 by Rick and Sandra Hilleard to promote the skill of Remote Viewing in Australia. The RVU team created a training course in order to teach the Remote Viewing skill itself. The RVU Remote Viewing Unit is currently the only Remote Viewing Training Organisation in Australia. While based in Perth Western Australia, the team has given training in Perth, Sydney & Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and they are flexible to travel.

Rick and Sandra are qualified Cert. IV Trainers and Assessors and have both been trained in the skill of Remote Viewing by former military Remote Viewers in the USA. Although the Remote Viewing program is not yet a Nationally Recognised Training in the Vocational Educational Sector, we are working towards the high quality standards and we seek to continuously improve our training methods to benefit our students