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Remote Viewing Training Courses

remote viewing trainingThe Remote Viewing Unit has developed a new 4 day Remote Viewing training course in which you will learn (Coordinate) Remote Viewing from stage I up to stage VI. During the training we will introduce you to the history of Coordinate Remote Viewing the research that has been done and what has been achieved over the years. You will learn the terminology used in the Remote Viewing Community in preparation for your journey into this new field.
You will participate in classroom ‘experiments’ which will allow you to create a better understanding of your perceptions during a Remote Viewing session.

The Training will consist of the following Modules:

● Remote Viewing Terminology
● Remote Viewing History and Science
● Perception and Cognition
● Language and interpretation
● Basic [Quantum] Physics
● Stages I to IV
● Stages V and VI
● Sketching and Modeling
● Summary and Report writing
● Practical applications
● Creating targets and Cues

After the 4 day training course it is required that you continue your practice to enhance your skill level.
After the training you will be able to:

● Do Full Remote Viewing Sessions
● Create an accurate report on what has been perceived
● Find creative solutions to complex problems
● Find inspiration for creative projects
● Indicate locations of object or persons
● Obtain information on anything in this world and outside of it!